Information, transparency and dedication to service are some of our particular commitments to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

As members of the Bar Association of Alicante, we are governed by certain ethical rules which are summarised below: 


1. Professional secrecy: we cannot reveal the facts, information and conversations that take place between lawyer-client within the professional relationship.


2. Trust and integrity: The relationship between client and lawyer is based on trust and requires honest, loyal, truthful and diligent professional conduct.


3. Freedom of defence: Lawyers have the right and duty to freely defend and advise their clients without the use of unlawful or unfair means or fraud as a means of circumventing the law. In addition, because of our experience and reputation, we have adopted the following internal rules:


1) Prior and truthful information about the possibilities of a case.

2) Prior written estimate of the cost of our services.

3) Continuous information about your case (at least every 2 months in the case of legal matters).

4) Immediate availability: call back or written reply within 48 hours maximum.